Fairfax, Virginia

Client - Christopher Companies

This 7.2 acre site owned by the City of Fairfax was the former home of Eleven Oaks School.  The school was razed by the City and George Mason Blvd. was extended through the site leaving two sites of 3.4 and 3.1 acres which the City is selling in a competitive bid process.

Truly a residential urban infill project, the solution developed in collaboration with our Client includes 20’ wide townhomes with detached, rear-loaded garages and single family detached courtyard homes carefully designed to be in context with surrounding neighborhoods while addressing George Mason Blvd. directly.

Townhome garages were placed in a manner that creates urban courtyards while providing adequate owner and guest parking with potential office or mother-in-law suites above.  This portion of the small neighborhood was planned such that an urban water feature is located in the core.  The townhome site resulted in 26 homes at a density of 7.7 du/ac.  

Single Family Courtyard homes were planned with rear loaded, two-car garages such that all homes front onto two small mews or neighborhood park spaces that address George Mason Blvd. providing views into the site for both the townhomes across the street as well as passersby.  The Single Family Courtyard Home site resulted in 15 homes at a density of 4.8 du/ac.