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Intersection of Rt. 23, Banks Road, and School Lane

Long Neck, Delaware

Client: Baywood, LLC

The civil engineer and project manager for this design of significant and complex intersection improvements at Banks Road, Long Neck Road and School Lane in the Long Neck area of Sussex County, Delaware. Plans are prepared per Delaware Department of Transportation standards. They include striping, drainage, grading, signage, baseline survey control roadway plans and cross-sections. The improvements include roto-milling and overlay, full depth pavement, crosswalks, handicap ramps, and stormwater management. The site was “as-built” after construction was completed.

Stormwater design consisted of modeling the pre- and post-development drainage areas. Design elements include a terraced roadside swale with inlets connected via an infiltration trench and perforated pipe to provide quality and quantity management. An existing borrow site was tested for infiltration rates and was also utilized for quality and quantity control. The roadside swales were analyzed for the 10 yr and 25 year storm events and were graded so there was 1’ of free board above the hydraulic grade line.