For moderate to large-scale projects, we provide comprehensive master plans and land plans. Because we analyze sites carefully, we make sensitive use of terrain, existing vegetation, natural and cultural resources, landscape and urban, suburban, rural and agrarian context, integrating the desired buildings, structures, infrastructure, stormwater management and other improvements.



Successful multi-disciplinary consulting begins, in part, with a robust knowledge of local conditions including a region's physical, political, regulatory, economic, demographic, and market factors. Such knowledge enables our clients to benefit from our experience and familiarity with zoning issues, plan development, and review processes, and local codes and ordinances.

Our continuing involvement in regional building associations and other community organizations also connects us to a vast working network of industry professionals, government representatives, and community leaders. We combine familiarity with local regulatory environments with comprehensive engineering services to create innovative concepts and enduring solutions.

Our scope of services includes:

  • Project Entitlement (Rezoning, Special Use Exceptions, Variances, etc.)

  • Supportive Graphic Exhibit Preparation

  • Permit Acquisition, Expert Testimony

  • Preparation of Zoning Ordinances and other Regulations.


Our team is highly responsive and has a proven track record of success in delivering high-quality services, on schedule and under budget. Solutions IPEM offers the personal, hands-on service of a small firm with the experience of a large firm. 

Our engineering is based on adaptable excellence. We stay abreast of ever-changing laws and regulations, how the impact your project together with current development & design trends. This keeps us on the leading edge with solutions that are effective with lasting value to you. We also stay abreast of technical advancements of our profession and monitor the marketplace to stay on top of emerging technologies and options to ensure technology is utilized to the maximum benefit of our clients. Our engineers have the professional skills, consulting expertise, and technical knowledge to create innovative, sustainable and buildable solutions that meet our client's current and future needs. 

Our scope of services includes:

  • Site Engineering Analysis

  • Site & Subdivision Design

  • Site Grading & Earthwork Analysis

  • Comprehensive Infrastructure Improvements

  • Utility Design & Analysis (Storm Drain, Water Supply, and Sanitary Sewer Systems)

  • Wastewater Treatment & Collection

  • Water Treatment

  • Distribution & Storage

  • Design of Water & Sewer Pumping & Storage Systems

  • Land Development

  • Street & Utility Standards

  • Roadway & Pavement Design

  • Street Rehabilitation & Design

  • Highway Entrance & Off-Site Improvements Plans

  • Stormwater Management

  • Sediment & Erosion Control

  • Construction Phase Services (Including Observation and Inspection)

  • Water Quality & Floodplain Studies

  • Regulatory Permit Processing & Coordination

  • Expert Testimony



The owner's rep manages the day-to-day work of all the entities involved on a project while you, the owner, retains all the decision making authority and all the contractual flow back to you. Acting as the owner's rep, Solutions is there to give you professional advice at every step in the process. Experience, influencing skills, and leadership style are paramount in determining our effectiveness and we excel in this area with years of development experience in some of the most successful projects in the mid-Atlantic region. We provide these services when a client seeks resources and expertise to serve as an extension of their organization. 

Our scope of services includes Project Launching (Program Verification, Project Team Definition/Selection, Master Scheduling, Entitlement & Approvals, Feasibility Studies, Budget Preparation, Market Analysis), Design Phase Services (Design Monitoring, Program Conformance, Constructability Review, Budget Compliance, Design Schedule), Bid & Award Services (Bid Package Assembly, Pre-bid Conference, Contract Award, Bidder Stimulation, Bid Evaluation, Contract Preparation), Construction Phase Services (Contract Monitoring, Cost Monitoring, Progress Payments, Change Order-Control, Construction Oversight, Schedule Monitoring, Plan/Spec Compliance, Progress Reporting), & Project Close-Out (Oversee Punch List).



Solutions IPEM creates detailed, stimulating places that are easy to navigate and that express our client's brand, strengthening their customer relationships. We strive for discovery and creativity by digging into the details while keeping the bigger picture in mind with every commission. 

Our scope of services includes:

  • Graphic Design

  • Strategic Branding

  • Identity/Logo

  • Signage and Wayfinding

  • Print & Collateral material design.


For detailed planning and design of our Client's sites, we provide complete landscape architectural services from conceptual design to construction observation. Our scope of services includes: 

  • Site Planning

  • Conceptual Design

  • Preliminary Design

  • Design Development

  • Construction Drawings and Specifications

  • Construction Observation.


Beyond aesthetics, we measure success according to how well our architecture realizes the goals of our clients. The goals can be simple, such as providing a more efficient space plan so an office can function at a higher level of productivity; or more complex; such as using architecture to reinforce or project a particular corporate identity. At Solutions IPEM, architecture takes a lead role in projects, seamlessly integrating exterior and interior spaces, ultimately fulfilling the needs of the people who live, visit & work within the environment we create. Our Scope of Services includes:

  • Space Planning

  • New Building Design

  • Building Renovations

  • Tenant Fit-Outs

  • Facility Assessments

  • Accessibility Upgrades

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Roofing/Re-Roofing Design

  • Third Party Construction Observation

  • Third Party Code Reviews

  • Sustainable Design Services

  • Programming/Pre-Design Services

  • Construction Phase Services



Since our inception, we have grown to be an industry leader in surveying and mapping services. Our ability to provide technology, capabilities, capacity, and geographic presence has made us invaluable to a diverse client base. Our highly qualified team of survey professionals is ready and able to deliver an extensive array of services. We also possess the support in personnel, equipment, and computer processing resources to handle uncommon tasks.  Our fully integrated field and office technologies have produced a company-wide standardization of work procedures, field data collection formats and CAD standards.

Solutions IPEM’s survey department offers some of the most diverse and experience-based expertise on projects in both the private and public sectors of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. With our active, practicing Licensed Surveyors whose combined years of experience total over 70 years; the foundation of our survey department is solid and well-rounded.

Having one of the most established survey divisions on the eastern Shore, and working out of two offices, our survey field crews have worked on and successfully completed projects throughout most of the tri-state area. Outfitted with cutting edge field technology, our staff has conducted boundary, topographical, right-of-way, utility, route location, bathymetric, construction stakeout and GPS surveys for numerous clients across Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

Our GPS capabilities are strengthened by the use of a dual frequency GPS base station.  We are members of a VRN (Virtual Reference Network) on the eastern shore of Virginia, Maryland, and most of Delaware. The base station & VRN network both communicate over the Internet via a wireless connection and provide real-time corrections to our field crews to achieve survey grade GPS accuracy. The latest field processing software is also maintained and supports this effort. This technology enhances our field crews’ flexibility and quick response to project demands.

Our office survey staff both supports and complements our field crews with time tested and proven methods. These procedures have successfully produced deliverables for our clients for years. At Solutions IPEM, we believe that our clients’ successes speak volumes about what can be expected when you are doing business with us. Our Services Include:

  • Accident & Forensic

  • Aerial Mapping

  • Aerial Photogrammetry & Control

  • Airport

  • ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

  • As-Built

  • Bathymetric

  • Boundary Retracement

  • Boundary Surveys - Urban and Rural

  • Bridge As-Built

  • Cadastral

  • Condominium

  • Construction As-built surveys

  • Construction Stakeout Surveys

  • Expert Consultation and Testimony for Litigation

  • FEMA Flood Insurance Certificates

  • Geodetic Control

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

  • Landfill Closure

  • Mortgage Surveys

  • Pipeline

  • Railroad

  • Right-of-Way Surveys

  • Road/Highway

  • Topographical

  • Tower Site

  • Utility Surveys

  • Volumes - Landfill / Stockpile & Borrow Areas

  • Well Location

  • Wetland


Digital Mapping & Inspections

Utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), commonly referred to as drones, we can quickly and efficiently provide mapping, inspections and analysis, including:

  • Topographic Survey

  • Landfill Mapping

  • Volumetric Analysis

  • Communication Towers

  • Industrial, Residential, and Commercial Roofs

  • Powerlines

  • Bridge

  • Construction Site Inspections

  • Utility Mapping

  • Water Towers/Tanks

  • Forest Management 

Our licensed surveyors and pilots and support team specialize in aerial mapping. We are a leader in the aerial photography and photogrammetry industries. Maps can be easily integrated with other applications such as AutoCAD and GIS for use in design, maintenance or record keeping.