Sussex County, Delaware

Client: Sussex County

Solutions, IPEM provided general coordination, planning, surveying with regard to gaining final DelDOT entrance approval for the referenced property for use as the new EMS Substation 106 in Sussex County, Delaware. A Boundary and topographic survey of the EMS site and the necessary portion of Rte 5 was prepared including an additional ±1,400 linear feet of Route 5 to Friendship Road (306A).  The entrance to the proposed EMS Substation 106 was closely coordinated with the Rte 5 access to Duneside at Baywood. 


A conceptual design for the entire intersection will be prepared based on the latest trip generations and DelDOT regulations. The design may include turn lanes, acceleration lanes, by-pass lanes, striping, and preliminary storm drainage. The plan will also include the initial improvements that will be required for the EMS 106 site, inasmuch as the Duneside entrance is not likely to be constructed in the near future. This conceptual design will be submitted to DelDOT and presented at a follow-up meeting. The intent of the meeting is to tie down improvements prior to finalizing the design. A complete set of entrance plans will be prepared for the intersection including conceptual design for the entire intersection and detailed plans for the EMS 106 entrance. Plans will include roadway plans, striping, maintenance of traffic, typical sections, detailed grading, storm drainage plans and profiles, pipe and structure schedules, right-of-way dedication, easements, bike lanes, signage, sediment and erosion control and stormwater management.